Good Morning wishes to mother

A mother deserves a first good morning wishes as she kept the baby nine months in and after passing subject period got birth by normal or by an operation. The first food is mothers own milk for the baby and first clothes are her hands and she is the first friend of her baby. The first teacher is also a mother and she is who sleep in a wet place and keep her child in a dry place. Because of dignity, she deserves first good morning wishes to her.

Good morning wishes to mother as she deserves first.

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Good morning wishes to mother as it is her first right.
  • As the first teacher is a mother so she got up earlier and made breakfast for him and kept him to school for learning.
  • Mother is the first friend and allows him to make friends and elaborate on his personality.
  • Mother kept her child to choose coloured clothes and spend time after school playing in the ground.
  • Mother is the first doctor of her child and does dressings of small wounds during playing in a ground.
  • Mother enabled her child for secondary education and University education and got valuable degrees.
  • By the prayers of the mother, the child got a job and she put her head before Allah Almighty for Shukrana nawafils.