Happy Birthday Wishes For Son

Happy Birthday Wishes For Son

Happy Birthday Wishes For Son: Son is the blessing of God. Every Parents of the world so much love to their son. Because the son is the future of their life. when he comes in the world the parents celebrate his birthday with a
great moments. Here is a lot of Happy Birthday Wishes for son. 

Happy Birthday Wishes For Son

Happy Birthday Wishes For Son

My son you very well know the candle that in the cake always remember you my great love to you and its shows the that as it burn in our hearts always our love is always. Happy Birthday wishes for my son.

My dear son, when you feel that life give you many difficulties to you then you
come to me. I will embrace you . kiss you and take in my hands and always you remember I am with you. Happy Birthday my son.

we are so thankful our God that he gave to us. Your are our life, our world and our paradise on earth. You are always very happy, healthy in life. You always get more to more success in life and you may live long. Happy Birthday my son.

My son may every dream that you show in your life God always completed for you and wish you have not only but also led you with your hard work and your future must be very bright. Happy Birthday my son.

Son we think the world of you and the love of you very much. We hope that are the happiest birthday for you. Happy Birthday my son

o my beautiful son every day every day we think our lucky stars that you come in our life. You are the so sweet my son. Happy Birthday my son.

My dear son, that day when we married our life were very happy. When you born our life become more to more beautiful. And now when you are grown up our life even more beautiful for us. You are the only reason that very think so beautiful for us. Happy Birthday my son.

some one like weather. Some one like flowers.
some one like sky and the stars. Some one like day and night
but we like you my son because when these all thinks completed then born a great son like you. Happy Birthday my son

My son you’re the example of sun shinning every think that right in this world. May your future be as bright. Your birthday is very special for us and also to you when this day comes we so happy thay we can not express my son. Happy Birthday my son.

Yesterday bring back sweet memories for you. Tomorrow hold the promise sweet moments for you. Now today is your birthday so enjoy this day. God Bless you. And You may live long in Life . Happy Birthday my son

Wisdom is not a gift that we can give you. My dear son its something you must earn. And you become so wise over the years. Happy Birthday our son.

O my dear when I look at everything that has been happen in my life . I say very easily that you are the very special part of my life.when you are comes in our life and that day when you born its is very special and very impotent for us. Happy Birthday my son.



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